Hands operating with rotavapor machine during cbd oil extraction

About Us

Hands operating with rotavapor machine during cbd oil extraction

We have a strong, innovative culture that instills passion and a commitment to delivering exceptional customer service and the best products on the market. We take pride in our work and enjoy working collaboratively with our clients to bring new and exciting ideas to life.

We challenge one another to try new things and grow as individuals and work together as a team.

This makes our company exciting for those who join us, if you thrive on change and variety, you’ll find that working here is exhilarating!

Medical Herbs

We are

BIO Ingredients Based Company :

Medical Herbs


Anlytical technique to precisely precisely provide the “BLUEPRINT” of the active ingredients.

Modern processing equipment which enable modular approach in extraction and purification

Total quality control that ensure the quality of standardized products to neet international specifications

Guaranteed results

Each our proprietary active substance has unique blueprint. The utilization of High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) enable us to certify availability of active ingredient at specific concentration

Our wide range of standardized active ingredients of natural herbs is available in extract liquid and extracts powder and concentrates. Extractors, evaporators and spray drying equipment are deployed in a modular array for optimum flexibility and efficiency.

Medical Factory and Production Indoor

Our Quality And Compliance

To ensure that every supplement we make meets our stringent quality standards, we adhere to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

These guidelines establish a recognized code of practice that ensures consistent quality in every aspect of our operations.

Getting products to market as fast as possible without compromising safety or quality is not a requirement unique to the Supplement Factory. We have a highly experienced Quality and Technical team who are on hand to offer guidance and support to bring your supplement products to market as quickly as possible.

Medical Factory and Production Indoor
Scentists at Medical factory

Our Quality and Technical team can support you with the following.

  • Ingredient sourcing and traceability
  • Nutritional advice and guidance
  • Extensive product testing
  • Sourcing sustainable packaging options
  • Regulatory support for new product registration
  • Export documentation
  • Label compliance
Biotechnology. Scientist working in biotech laboratory

New Product Development

Biotechnology. Scientist working in biotech laboratory

New Product Development Is Important To Us And We Aim To Treat Your Brand With The Same Level Of Care And Respect As If It Was One Of Our Own.

Some manufacturers offer product development as an add-on service, charging a premium for outdated formulations and uninspiring ideas. This is damaging for your brand and is often a very expensive mistake to make.

What makes us different is our ability to develop products intelligently, reacting to patterns and trends within the industry to provide you with something unique, original and effective.

Our Concept

We work with you to ensure that your brand vision is incorporated into every piece of product development that we do. Our process is also swift and efficient, meaning reduced time-to-market and faster return on investment.

Our team of qualified nutrition experts can provide custom formulations based on your product strategy, brand image and, most importantly, your budget requirements.

The result will be a unique formula that both achieve your intended product claims and ensures the highest level of legal compliance in your intended marketplace.

When it comes to new product development, we can help you to inspire and influence the industry – rather than the other way around. We understand the trends that are shaping customer purchases, which allows us to create innovative products that cater to everyone.

Health Conscious



Making a Statement


Health Conscious – This type of customer wants products that are natural, organic and free from additives while still meeting their specific dietary needs. We work closely with suppliers all over the world who specialise in organic-certified ingredients and we can also use our expertise to redevelop your existing products to make them ‘clean label’.

Indulgence– When it comes to supplements, the majority of consumers will treat themselves to something that is special and indulgent more than they normally would with food. If your product needs to have the ‘pleasure factor’, we can offer a range of options to get your mouth watering. Previous projects include meal replacement mug cakes, low sugar flapjacks, appetite suppressant wafers, vitamin gummies and high protein chocolates.

Convenience – Historically associated with junk food, the word ‘convenience’ now represents the growing trend of functional foods and drinks that offer genuine health benefits. But in such a competitive market, it is not enough for products to be healthy – they must be easy to prepare and fit around consumers’ busy lives. This is where our experience in single serving sachets, RTDs (ready to drink), bars and functional snacks can help your brand become more accessible and convenient.

Value – Everyone’s definition of ‘value’ is different. It is a personal equation based on price, quality and convenience and the importance of these factors varies depending on the individual. Having a brand that represents ‘good value’ is not just about being the cheapest, and we can help to ensure that your products can be strong in all three areas.

Making a Statement – Consumers are drawn to products that look appealing, fun and different. Even if they don’t buy the product, it will give them something to talk about with their friends and work colleagues. The saying is true that ‘people don’t buy what you do, but why you do it’. Our experience in brand development can help you to create products that fit with a chosen brand ideal so that you can connect with your customers on a much deeper level.

Vitamin supplements

Private Label Supplements

Are you looking for private label supplements? If so, look no further than Supplement Factory.

For companies looking to launch their own brand of food, vitamin and nutrition supplements we offer a wide range of products that are pre-formulated. The benefit of using our white label products is that they are quick to bring to market and already have supporting claims and specifications.

Our ‘off the shelf’ formulations can also be tweaked slightly to give you a competitive edge within the market and our team of experts can advise you on the options available.

All our private label products are available with a range of packaging options to ensure your supplement is in line with your brand values and image.

Six pharmacists

Why Our Service

Six pharmacists

Bespoke product manufacturing service is at the heart of our business and we have tailored our services to your individual needs. We can develop unique products specifically for your brand in line with industry trends to ensure a successful launch of your product. Our team of qualified nutritional experts are at your service to provide custom formulations based on your product strategy, brand image and most importantly within budget.

Bespoke Contract Manufacturing

This means, when you order from us, your supplements are made especially for you. We don’t churn out thousands of bottles or tubs all at once—we make each one individually to your exact specifications. When it comes to quality control, nothing gets by us.

Equipment Capabilities

Our NL based factories have some of the most advanced manufacturing and testing equipment within the market, equipped with the most modern equipment and highly trained operatives capable of manufacturing high quantity and quality products quickly and efficiently.




Flu Fighters and Immune Boosters

Product uniqueness:

4 Mechanisms of Action of ANDROMUNE

1. Antibacterial and Antiviral effect

2. Antipyretic effect (on the list of drugs for treatment of common cold and fever since 2016)

3. Anti-inflammatory effect reducing cytokines related to the inflammation process

4. Immune system booster



Blood Sugar Balance Prevention &

For Mild Diabetes

Product uniqueness:

Blood sugar reduction mechanism:

activate innate insulin production, restore body's metabolic system in turning sugar.


postprandial glucose(PPG) levels were reduced after 21 days

Anti-inflammation mechanism:

Reduced the expression of inflammatory genes IL-6, TNF-α, IL-1β, COX2, iNOS and IL-10



Endurance & Muslce Builder / Lower Blood Fats

Product uniqueness:

Natural ingredients to activate body generation of IL-2 and IFN-Gamma from white blood cell, resulting in immunity booster

(here onliner of the test results)

Proven formulation "PDE5 increases level of cGMP" resulting in blood circulation and muscle building



Non- drowsy Anti-motion sickess

For adults, pregnancy and children ages 6+

Product uniqueness:

100% Natural

Motion sickness relief, non-drowsy and relieves nausea and vomitting.


Reduction in nausea in 174 patients traveling in comparable trips*

20 mg Standardized gingerol measured by HPLC



Anti-GERD / Stomach Acid Balance

Product uniqueness:

Reduce acid in the stomach in the early stages of GERD (Anti-ulcerogenic) and promote relaxation

100% Natural Rosmarinic acid and beta-caryophyllene from Red Basil (Ocimum sanctum)

53.87% effectively induce total acidity, and peptic activity (100mg/kg dose). Completely heal ulcers within 20 days.


AQ Cumin

Joint & Bone Inflammation, Higher bio-availability

Product uniqueness:

AQ Cumin has been shown to have the highest

bioavailability with absorption as >400 folds as

compared to normal curcumin and it is able to

inhibit translocation of NF-KB into the nucleus, thus

preventing the inflammation response of the cells.

80% of patients with knee osteoarthritis

showed improvement in pain, physical

function, and quality of life after taking

curcumin for 3 months.

The cartilage-protective and anti-inflammatory action of

curcumin could be derived from its actions on the NF-KB

system, which mediates the cellular inflammatory



We offers endless opportunities for your business or research project. Our Science & Business team can help you to find a good solution for your bussiness



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